Mark and Julie Sissel

Mark and Julie Sissel

Why did you choose TTCA for your students?

We wanted a Christian, faith-based education for all our kids. TTCA had the broadest spectrum of opportunities in education, extracurricular, and spiritual areas.

What (pleasantly) surprised you about TTCA?

The amount of opportunities at TTCA is really impressive.

What do you love about TTCA?

We love the staff, the educational opportunities, the extracurricular opportunities, and the other students and families that have such strong faith.

What is one word that best describes TTCA? Tell us why you chose that word.

Faith. There are examples of faith everyplace you look.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of his or her experience at TTCA?

We have three children and they have all grown in different ways. One has grown in his relationship with Christ and the strength of his faith. The second has grown in his contact with other students that also share his beliefs. The third has grown in the number of friendships that are Christian based.

How is TTCA preparing your child for college and life?

TTCA is preparing our children for college and life by providing them with a variety of advanced educational opportunities including college courses, spiritual resources, compassion, and understanding as they grow in the Lord.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at TTCA?

I think it’s a way to ensure that children can receive an education founded in the Christian faith, that the staff is committed to Christ and prays for the students and their families, and that there are opportunities to connect and foster relationships with families who share the same beliefs.