What are the most important ways you want to invest in your child’s life? Perhaps, their health and safety are at the top of your list. And, as they grow, you recognize the value of giving them a great education — one that prepares them academically, nurtures them spiritually, and propels them toward bright opportunities ahead.

At Twin Tiers Christian Academy, we provide families with the opportunity to invest in an education that will make a lasting, positive impact. As a private Christian school in Chemung County, NY serving students from grades 5-12, we’re deeply committed to making quality education accessible for all families who desire to partner with us. Below, you’ll explore our tuition rates, financial assistance options, scholarship opportunities, and the value of investing in a TTCA education.

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The Value of a TTCA Education

Since 1976, Twin Tiers Christian Academy has been dedicated to a Christ-centered, student-focused, and college-oriented education. Our learning environment is filled with opportunities for students to grow holistically, preparing their hearts and minds in service for God’s calling and His glory. Many families choose TTCA because:

God’s Word is central to our teachings.

We incorporate a biblical worldview in every part of our curriculum. Students dig deep to understand what it means to live for God and become part of His story.

Our programs are geared toward college preparation.

Middle and high school serve as a training ground for the experiences that await in college and beyond. We take this opportunity to foster every student’s knowledge through challenging coursework, hands-on experiences, and unique learning opportunities.

We inspire a compelling and comprehensive community where students learn and grow together.

Beyond our core programs, students can explore various fine arts, athletics, clubs, and other activities to ignite distinct passions and interests.

Environment matters. Where will your child thrive?

As you learn more about the value of investing in a private Christian school, we invite you to have a conversation with admissions to answer any questions you may have. Request more information today about our programs by visiting this page or calling  (607) 739-3619 ext. 223.

Affording TTCA

Parents often assume that quality education equals a high cost. At TTCA, we want to break that misconception — there are many avenues we offer to create affordability, such as tuition assistance, scholarships, discounts, and more:

Needs-based financial aid

Once families have undergone admissions and are accepted to TTCA, eligible applicants can apply for tuition assistance through BeneFAQ. The financial aid granted is based on several factors, such as income, debt, and current assets.


We currently accept the Harold Wolcott Christian School Scholarship, where students are granted up to $2,500 per school year. Families can apply for this scholarship by filling out this form.

Payment plans and discounts

A $300 discount is available for families who utilize pre-pay or ACH options. Additionally, we offer 9-month, 10-month, and 11-month payment plans at no additional cost.

“The biblical principles foundational to the Twin Tiers Christian Academy academic experience are priceless.

Money invested in Christian education will reap both eternal rewards and provide the opportunity to discover and develop Christian faith and character that will equip and empower your student throughout life.”

-Dan and Gina W., TTCA Parents

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Tuition Rates and Inclusions

At TTCA, we want to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing a school for your child. After you’ve reviewed what makes our education a worthwhile investment and the affordability options we offer, view our tuition rates by grade level.

TUITION 2024-2025*
Grades 5-6$5,350 – $5,650
Grades 7-8$5,550 – $5,850
Grades 9-12$5,750 – $6,050
Tuition Rates and Inclusions
  • Textbooks and instructional materials***
  • 1:1 device (starting in grade 7)
  • Student admission to all on-campus athletic events and concerts***
  • Academic advising and college counseling
  • Mental health resources and support
  • Field trips***
  • Academic testing fees
  • Science lab fees
  • Class activities (e.g., social events and service opportunities)

*We offer 9, 10, and 11-month payment plans, as well as prepaid options for families. To know more about tuition payment specifics, please contact us at (607) 739-3619 ext. 221.

**Excluded from the tuition are the sports fee ($100/student per sport), and a refundable $40 uniform deposit.

***Minimal exclusions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use BeneFAQ by SchoolRIGHT, a third-party company, to process a family’s application and determine aid eligibility. BeneFAQ communicates the “Family Anticipated Contribution Total” (FACT) to our school office. Our school’s aid committee then evaluates all applications to make sure aid is dispersed in a consistent, equitable, and confidential manner.

TTCA has generous, though not unlimited, financial aid resources. The majority of funding will be provided to all qualifying families by August 1st. After August 1st, families can still apply for financial assistance. Aid will be dispersed from the remaining available funds.

Tuition assistance is open to all qualifying families.

No. Admission applications and tuition assistance applications are reviewed separately. One has no bearing on the other.

Yes. Since a family’s financial situation can change yearly, they must reapply for assistance each year.

Yes. BeneFAQ does charge a minimal fee to apply for aid. Yet most families recoup that cost and more with the support they receive.

Yes, new families are asked to pay a $50 (non-refundable) application fee per student. Then once a family is notified that their student is accepted, families will pay a $100 enrollment fee per student to complete the process. The fees only apply to new students and will not be required for returning families.

Explore the possibilities at TTCA.

As you search for the best private Christian school in Chemung County, NY, we invite you to discover the incredible opportunities for your child at TTCA. Schedule a visit today.

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