The sports world and today’s athletes often boast about one’s self over all else with what often seems like a win-at-all-cost mentality. At TTCA, we value the importance of working together as a team, supporting one another, and most of all, elevating Christ, not self. No matter the level, our coaches are focused on developing the whole athlete, and that means working together for victory which is always secondary to maintaining our testimony for Christ. Yes, winning is important, but we are more concerned about growing athletes of character. A benefit, therefore, at TTCA is that we welcome athletes of all skill levels. Whereas some have found it difficult to “make the team” at some schools, TTCA students find our athletic teams welcoming to all. The TTCA teams are not reserved for a privileged few, rather all students can enrich their school experience by participating on a TTCA sports team.

The TTCA Eagles have an established championship tradition. Our teams boast numerous league championships, and TTCA athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level. TTCA athletes can participate in soccer, cross country, basketball, and volleyball. The athletic program is open to students in grades 6-12 as we offer multiple levels of play with modified, junior varsity, and varsity teams.


Cross Country Boy’s JV

Cross Country Men’s Varsity

Cross Country Girl’s JV

Cross Country Women’s Varsity

Soccer Men’s Varsity

Soccer Women’s Varsity

Basketball Boy’s Modified

Basketball Boy’s JV

Basketball Men’s Varsity

Basketball Girl’s Modified

Basketball Girl’s JV

Basketball Women’s Varsity

Volleyball Men’s Varsity

Volleyball Women’s Varsity