Fine Arts

TTCA Fine Arts Statement

Fine Arts is celebrated through multiple disciplines at Twin Tiers Christian Academy. Since we are created in the image of God, we nurture and cultivate that creative nature within. Knowing and being in communion with our Creator helps us explore, process, create, and discern the world around us through a Christian perspective. Students are encouraged to pursue and develop their God-blessed creative abilities in a variety of areas.


Music education is offered through choir, worship team, and private instrumental lessons culminating in Christmas, spring productions, and even our worship team leading in local churches. Traditionally, choir has two annual productions: Christmas and in the spring. Each program is thematic and energized with creative elements like rhythm, movement, and language.


Students express their creativity by participating in school plays; Theater activities include acting, set design, costuming, make-up, and working behind the scenes leading up to productions which students eagerly look forward to participating in and attending. Typically TTCA has two productions per year, one for middle school and one for high school.

Visual Arts

Opportunities exist for all students, including a dual-credit, college-level ACE course. Lessons are designed to accommodate differentiated learning, promoting success for students of all abilities. A variety of techniques and media are used including drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber arts, and printmaking. Students develop an understanding of the elements and principles of art, along with general rules of perspective and color theory. The students participate in critiques, analysis of art, observations of works of art, and the study of famous artists.