TTCA Technology Statement

God is the innovative Creator, designing our minds with capabilities that exceed our highest expectations. The Bible contains specific descriptions or instructions about various structures like a boat, a wall, or a palace. Some things are also built in rebellion, like a tower. The first widely used and practical printing press, The Gutenberg, was invented to print the Bible. The most recent technological advance is artificial intelligence which is producing diverse debates about ethics, morality, and faith. Technology and faith are inescapably intertwined. He created us in his image to honor him, so humanity and technology must be informed by faith.

Technology is an integral part of the Twin Tiers Christian Academy education. Our wireless campus features interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, Chromebooks or laptops for all students, multiple 3-D printers, and numerous flat screen TVs. Yet all of that equipment can be dangerous if not used properly. Our lives are inundated with constantly evolving technological advances at school, home, the workplace, and for entertainment. At Twin Tiers Christian Academy we strive to emphasize that technology is a tool to honor God. We teach and emphasize the wise use and development of technology

Technology is also an excellent platform to develop leadership and character. Just because a student knows they are right doesn’t mean they should flex. As our student engineers acquire technical skills we are intentional in developing their character skills to humbly serve, listen, and teach others.

Twin Tiers Christian Academy students can gain experience in core engineering areas of computer science, electrical, mechanical, and graphic design. They explore advanced engineering concepts, brainstorm innovative ideas, and cultivate career-ready practices as they design, build, and code robots to compete and work in alliances. They work from an Android studio platform, primarily utilizing the JAVA programming language. Students learn to 3-D design and print, primarily with Onshape, and can also gain experience using Animoto and Adobe to develop visual graphic arts design and presentation skills. Novice students are mentored by experienced students and begin by using Google Slides/Documents, block programming, and Tinkercad. Every year students are adding and improving on this repertoire of diverse technology tools.

FIRST Tech Challenge is an international organization that galvanizes our youth each season with a new challenge to design and build a competitive robot. Throughout the year we build relationships with several area manufacturing companies to invite engineers to our campus and receive funds and products that improve our expertise. TTCA coaches work with local engineers to mentor our TTCA student engineers as they learn and gain confidence in the field of technology.

100% of our graduating robotics team members have continued to college with 50% pursuing engineering, even accruing shadowing and paid internship opportunities. Team members gain life-long skills such as problem-solving, teamworking, public speaking, fund-raising, and mentoring.

TTCA technology development exists to:

  • Honor God with abilities, devices, online platforms, and opportunities
  • Innovate
  • Problem solve
  • Lead and mentor
  • Empower for acceptance into STEAM -Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics fields.