Middle School

With middle school on the horizon, you’re looking intentionally for the right environment to help your child thrive — not only in the classroom, but in all areas of life. Grades 5-8 represent a time of rapid growth and maturity. Your child will be taking on more challenging coursework, identifying what they are passionate about, and building a larger social circle. Most importantly, they’ll be searching for answers to life’s big questions to grow deeper in their faith.

At Twin Tiers Christian Academy, we provide a close-knit community where middle schoolers feel a strong sense of belonging as they move through a transformative season. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

School Culture
Academic Offering
High School Prep
Campus Safety

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School Culture

Building a culture of respect.

Relationship-building is an important part of the middle school experience. Positive mentorship, a culture of healthy friendships, and an emphasis on Christlike values create a culture where pre-teens can truly thrive. At TTCA, students are mentored by:

Chapel Speakers

Our weekly chapel series allows students to hear from a variety of compelling speakers who are proactive about imparting biblical wisdom, teaching respect, and preventing bullying.

Excellent Teachers.

Classes begin with a biblical focus and prayer as teachers encourage students to be kind and challenge them to consider how they can use their unique gifts to bless others. Teachers are intentional and capitalize on teachable moments to engage students in conversation both in class and between classes.

Coaches & Advisors

As students get involved in athletics, fine arts, and other interest-based activities, they are inspired and equipped by both adult and student leaders who can help them hone their natural strengths.

Wise Counselors

Our student counselors and campus pastor are always available to support students through specific needs and challenges. Additional student buddy and mentor programs give opportunities for students to encourage each other.

“Since attending TTCA, our kids have a new desire to learn.

They love to go to school and would probably even live there if we let them. We don’t have to ask them to do their homework. I will ask my husband where the kids are, and he will tell me that he just checked on them, and they are upstairs already working on homework! I love that some of the teachers had our kids set goals for the school year; it is so exciting to see them strive to meet those goals and achieve them!”

-Rachel Poe, TTCA parent

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Academic Offerings

Our curriculum is rigorous, with an expectation that students will rise to the challenge and become excited about what’s possible for their future. Faith is integrated into all learning, allowing students to see how God’s word is living and relevant. Our teachers provide individualized attention to ensure every student has the support they need to excel.

Leadership Opportunities 

Middle schoolers join our Student Leadership Council, participate in regular community service, and lead in areas they are passionate about. For example, our seventh and eighth-grade robotics team mentors new members from grades 5-6. Leadership roles also exist within our athletic teams and other extracurricular programs.


We want our students to enter high school and college as critical thinkers. Middle schoolers practice filtering ideas through the critical lens of a biblical worldview as they begin to understand the competing worldviews they will encounter in the world. Beyond listening to skillfully prepared lectures, students are encouraged to be active learners, questioners, and problem solvers in every subject area.

Athletics & Activities

We offer three competitive athletic teams for middle school students: soccer, cross country, and basketball, with multiple opportunities for participation. Students can also explore their talents through drama productions, robotics competitions, and other extracurricular activities.

High School Prep

Everything we do at TTCA is designed to help your child thrive. The result? Our middle school graduates are confident, responsible individuals who are ready for high school.

Study Skills Class

Hands-on activities guide students to an age-appropriate understanding of core subjects as they explore phonics, guided reading, penmanship, math, and science.

Growth Mindset

With a growth mindset, students believe they can always increase their knowledge and skills. The opposite — a fixed mindset — holds students back and hinders their growth. Our middle school teachers emphasize the metacognition (understanding of one’s thought processes) needed to develop confidence.

Goal Setting

With high school just around the corner, students learn to make wise choices and set intentional goals for their future academic journeys. Motivated students can get a jumpstart on their high school credits by taking advanced courses, such as Algebra I and Spanish I, while still in middle school.

Campus Safety

A Safe Learning Environment

From our security protocols to our digital citizenship training, the safety of our middle school students is paramount. Our exceptional campus, completed in 2014, is equipped with surveillance technology, locking doors, and other features that provide parents with peace of mind. Inside our middle school, students can feel physically, socially, and emotionally safe as they navigate these years filled with new opportunities. 

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As you search for the best private Christian middle school in Chemung County, NY, schedule a tour or a student shadow day to explore all the opportunities available at TTCA. We look forward to meeting you and your child soon!