TTCA Traditions

The Twin Tiers Christian Academy year is packed with numerous traditions that students look forward to each year.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL (SLC) Each spring students and faculty vote on the truly influential leadership positions of Student Body President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chaplain. This group of leaders will select a Bible verse and theme for the coming year, lead in the organization of several traditions, and initiate their own ideas that they feel will make a difference at TTCA.

SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS WEEK is chapel every day to start our year with a carefully selected special speaker, culminating in a day at Lamoka Camp where we meet in the chapel to address the topic a final time and enjoy a day of fun and renewal, friendships old and new.

Igniting our year, LAMOKA CAMP is the highlight of our SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS WEEK. All week long we are blessed with a special speaker who develops a relevant topic to challenge our student body and faculty. At the end of the week, we celebrate by canceling classes and spending the entire day at Lamoka Camp, a spacious Christian campground nestled in the Finger Lakes region. Games, team building, laughter, delicious food, and a final time of worship and preaching from God’s Word are all part of this dynamic time that students look forward to every year.

The ACSI NATIONAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE to Washington DC is an eventful trip to energize the spiritual leadership on campus and allow our leaders the opportunity to visit interesting tourist spots like the Lincoln Memorial, the International Spy Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, Ford Theater, Holocaust Museum, and US Mint Headquarters to name a few. Each year ACSI prayerfully prepares a theme that is culturally relevant to youth, especially aspiring leadership in TTCA youth. Washington tourist locations vary each trip.

SPIRIT DAYS are generously sprinkled throughout the year. The attire varies for these fun days and is chosen by the SLC. Some examples include Twin Day, Favorite Team Day, Story Character Day, Country vs City Day, and Fake an Injury Day.

WHITE-OUT DAY is an exciting home game day when TTCA Eagle fans pack the stands wearing all white.

SENIOR DAY is a special home game day when we celebrate and say goodbye to our seniors. We pause between the varsity games to invite families to embrace, present gifts, and take pictures with their senior team members. It is a bitter-sweet memory-making time.

Pi DAY is an annual celebration around the International Day of Mathematics. Pi trivia, competitions, t-shirt designs, decorations, and of course PIE. The day ends with a grand finale pep rally organized by the SLC where there is a pie-eating contest and we celebrate who can remember the most digits of Pi.

Servathon is a favorite day and our main fundraiser! A t-shirt design contest happens every year to see what design will be used that year on the Servathon t-shirts. Letters are sent to family, friends, and businesses to request support and there are A LOT of prizes for students as the support comes in. Studies are put on hold for the entire day and students, teachers, and parents are divided into predetermined groups which spread out to serve at various locations around the community. Businesses look forward to our students coming every year to do whatever is needed at parks, highways, churches, the elderly, neighbors, pregnancy centers, and the Southern Tier Foodbank. There is a celebration picnic, games, and worship time in the afternoon. Funds are divided evenly between TTCA scholarships, special projects, and the general fund.

The TTCA SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET is a delightful evening for TTCA supporters to enjoy a catered full-course meal served by TTCA students. This time of community celebration serves to connect with local businesses and individual supporters. A raffle and TTCA updates, including testimonies, are all part of this community event. An appeal is made to invest in future generations. 100% of proceeds go directly to help fund student scholarships!

THANKSGIVING DINNER is an annual tradition and includes the whole spread of turkey, mashed potatoes/gravy, vegetables, rolls, and an assortment of pies.

CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST is planned and served by our SLC just prior to the Christmas break. On this day, we enjoy schoolwide classroom celebrations and the always memorable Christmas chapel.

For decades the students’ favorite lunch day has been PIZZA DAY every Friday which consists of Mrs. Lockwood’s fresh made Chicken Bacon Ranch, Buffalo Chicken, Pepperoni, and Cheese Pizzas.

The Father-Daughter Banquet is quite the energized spectacular evening. With dads, it is inevitably entertaining, and daughters love that special attention lavished on them.

CHRISTMAS and SPRING CONCERTS are formal musical evenings that showcase our musical talent in praise and worship to our Creator.

ANNUAL ATHLETIC CEREMONY is a time to celebrate our athletes in all sports, not only their athletic prowess but their Christian character.

The TTCA 100 Club for 100 career goals scored in soccer and the TTCA 1000 Club for 1000 points made during their basketball career are two prestigious clubs that both males and females can aspire to be inducted into.

SENIOR CHAPEL is a special chapel where the seniors have one last public opportunity to influence their peers. Since a different class is in charge every year, we are all surprised with a unique experience.

ANNUAL AWARDS CEREMONY honors the many TTCA students who go above and beyond in their academics, leadership, and Christian character.

ProBOTix is an annual STEAM focused event specially designed for 4-6 graders for the larger community and TTCA students. The TTCA FIRST PROTA 17222 team chooses a robot to build and then designs a challenge field. The 4-6 graders each build a personal robot with the camaraderie and assistance of more experienced builders and then compete on the field created by our robotics team. The competition is the apex of the learning and building for this uniquely TTCA student-created event.

Senior Trip is the annual evacuation of seniors on a week of adventures anywhere the class collectively chooses. Funds are raised throughout their years at TTCA.

TTCA COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY is the culmination of each student’s educational experience. At TTCA there are diverse awards and scholarships disbursed to and applauded for our graduating seniors, with a Valedictorian and Salutatorian presenting vibrant speeches.