TTCA Chapel

TTCA Chapel is a highlight for many students and teachers! We typically energize our week with Chapel on Monday. Our time of worship, celebration, and learning begins with quality, student-led worship. Speakers are typically from local or international Christian origin, including but not limited to pastors, missionaries, youth leaders, organizations, alumni, teachers, students, and special interest groups. The abundance of spiritual guidance and student leadership opportunities is intentional and unique. Our Chapel experience and priority are intentional. TTCA Chapel is foundational to our school’s spiritual growth and community as a time to worship God, relax, sit with friends, and be challenged by God’s Word.

Pastor Doug Forman, lead pastor at Breesport Baptist Church, had his life remarkably transformed as a young father, producing in him a passion to speak into the hearts of our TTCA youth. Pastor Doug, always a favorite speaker, addresses the student body on a monthly basis and inspires them to think biblically about life on relevant topics. Year by year, Pastor Doug shares from the Word and from his heart as he works through various series such as “The Problem with Christianity,” “Understanding our Emotions,” and “Lessons I Wish I had Learned in School.” In a more recent series, “The Beautiful Design,” he is seeking to help our youth look at some current cultural challenges through the lens of God’s original design as revealed in Genesis 1-2, how sin has corrupted the design (Genesis 3), and how the Gospel restores the design.

Spiritual Emphasis Week is an entire week of chapels that occurs at the beginning of each year, culminating with a high-energy bonding experience at Lamoka Camp. Not only is it a fun way to begin the year but it is a spiritually defining time to put God first in our individual lives and corporately in our school. Student body chaplain Kaden Coleman expressed, “my understanding of God has grown exponentially ” as a result of our spiritual emphasis week.

All of our TTCA chapels are special but once a year we have a stellar community experience when our students invite their pastors on campus. After worshiping together we all have an extended lunch to chat and build relationships. Over 35 churches are represented in our school body. Both school and church serve well when we work in unison to reinforce the values that are taught at home. We are attached to and strengthened by our Heavenly Father when home, church, and school humbly worship and serve together to inspire the next generation to initiate and grow their uniquely individual relationship with their Creator because “God is good, and his love is eternal; His faithfulness endures through all generations.” -Ps 100:5 HCSB

I tried to lead worship and impress people…

somewhere around half way through my junior year this kinda flipped…God gave us these gifts in order to allow us to share Him with other people and to lead them in worship in honor, and praise to Him. It isn’t about me. This drumming thing isn’t about me.
Wyatt Golden, Worship Team member