Kevin and Faith Ward

Kevin and Faith Ward

Why did you choose TTCA for your students?

We chose TTCA because of its Christian-based learning, Biblical worldview, and values.

What (pleasantly) surprised you about TTCA?

I was pleasantly surprised by how accepting the teachers and students were to new students. The staff really cares individually for each student and goes above and beyond to help them and their parents with any concerns. All the teachers, Mrs. Forman, and Dr. Shaw have been very helpful. They are all very supportive, informative, and readily available. The TTCA staff truly care individually for each student.

What do you love about TTCA?

“I love my friends at TTCA because they love Jesus and they really care about me. I also love sports, especially soccer and basketball! We have great teams and coaches!” -Alanna Ward (daughter)

What is one word that best describes TTCA? Tell us why you chose that word.

FAMILY, because everyone is warm, helpful, and inviting; teachers, staff, students, and parents!.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of his or her experience at TTCA?

I have seen my child grow in maturity and grace at TTCA, developing more of a godly character. She has displayed forgiveness and godly ways to deal with conflict and struggles through prayer. She has also learned more about the Bible and a biblical worldview helping her see and make good decisions in this current world we are in.

How is TTCA preparing your child for college and life?

I feel TTCA is preparing my child for college by teaching good study skills and by creating or simulating college-type classes, assignments, and projects. This will prep them for college classes so when they start they won’t be overwhelmed and they’ll be ready to excel due to having already experienced these types of classes and assignments. I also feel TTCA teaches students life preparation by helping and guiding them in taking responsibility and ownership helping them achieve their best potential and performance.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at TTCA?

If you’re looking for a school where God’s character is displayed and education is a high priority then I encourage you to enroll your child at TTCA!