George and Angela Kramer

Our daughter has attended TTCA for the past 2 school years and to say that our family is impressed with our experience is a total understatement! We simply LOVE TTCA! Our daughter has made incredible friends, we have seen her spiritual life grow, and she has excelled academically! The atmosphere of the school is wonderful – when you walk in the doors you are welcomed and can genuinely feel the peace and presence of the Lord. The faculty members genuinely love and care about the students, not just academically, but spiritually and personally – truly caring about what is going on in their lives both inside and outside of the classroom. As parents, feeling like our child is safe and loved and nurtured when they are at school is one of the best feelings, and TTCA provides that for us! If you are considering an alternative to public school or homeschool for your child(ren), we absolutely would recommend that everyone consider TTCA!

George and Angela Kramer

Why did you choose TTCA for your students?

We chose TTCA for our child because, in today’s society, we feel very strongly that as parents it is our duty to ensure the safety of our children, and that includes educational safety as well. In the world today, the education system has quickly shifted from just that – true education – to include so much of the world that our Christian morals and values simply don’t align with. So, we knew that we needed to do whatever we could to get our child into a Christian learning environment that would provide a Christian worldview, but also be challenging to her academically. TTCA fulfills both of those needs for our child and we couldn’t be happier with our experience in our first 2 years with the school!

What (pleasantly) surprised you about TTCA?

That our child is adequately challenged in all of her subjects. We were also so very pleased that she so easily acclimated to a whole new group of students when she started her TTCA journey in 7th grade not knowing any of her peers. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and she has formed such wonderful friendships!

What do you love about TTCA?

We love knowing that our child is being genuinely cared for and that she is safe while she is in school all day. That she is surrounded by people who will pour into her on a spiritual level every single day.

What is one word that best describes TTCA? Tell us why you chose that word.

Safe – We genuinely value the safety of our children. Not just physical safety, but the safety of their hearts, minds, and souls. TTCA provides all of this for us and we love that when our children are not with us for 7 hours a day, we can trust that they are safe in all aspects!

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of his or her experience at TTCA?

We have seen our daughter grow spiritually over the past two years. We have loved seeing her develop and grow her OWN relationship with God, rather than just “riding the coattails” of Mom and Dad’s walk with the Lord.

How is TTCA preparing your child for college and life?

She is adequately challenged in all subject work, which we love. Should she feel God leading her to go to college, we have no doubt that she will excel thanks to the level of teaching at TTCA. As for being prepared for life in general – we feel that the Christian worldview that is being sown into these students day in and day out are the best life prep that can be given. We have our duties at home to develop these morals and values, and we love that she is getting these further developed in school, too!

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at TTCA?

To simply take the chance to learn more about TTCA. That it is absolutely worth the investment and sacrifice to send children here!