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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at TTCA! Below, you will find the necessary paperwork to begin this process. Please note, submitting the paperwork does not guarantee enrollment. It is, however, very helpful in moving the process along.

For those who are not too familiar with TTCA, we have been in the business of assisting families with their children’s education since 1976. First of all, we sincerely believe the Bible clearly gives the responsibility of teaching children to the home. Since the beginning, our ministry has been here as a tool to assist the home in its God-given role. I am excited at the prospect of partnering with you.

What truly sets us apart from the other schools around us is our philosophy. Some may call this our mindset. Or, a better description, it is our worldview that makes us different. In part, I have already alluded to that worldview when I expressed our desire is to assist you in your role of rearing the next generation. Of course, there is much that can be said beyond this.

As you examine our school, among other things, I’d invite you to consider our academic standards, our desire for a disciplined classroom, and our extracurricular opportunities for all of the students.

Before an enrollment can be finalized, an interview with the prospective student and his or her parents (or guardians) is required.

Most of all, I look forward to discussing with you in more detail how we can help you help your student become all God would have him or her become.

For Christian Education,

Dr. Cary Shaw
Head of School

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