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Every student is expected to dress in a way that conforms to his or her biologically-assigned gender.

​Students are to arrive at school in school dress.

​Pants, including jeans, (male and female) should be clean and neat, with no holes, tears, slices, worn or bleached patches, etc., and must not be excessively baggy or form-fitting. Pants, including jeans, are to be hemmed (cuffs not to drag on the ground) and worn as designed (no “sagging”). Fitted cargo pants are acceptable. Females may wear capris. No athletic pants, nylon rip-stop-type material, fleece, pajama-type material, sweats, or warm-ups.

Footwear should be guided by health and safety limits determined by teachers (phys. ed., labs, field trips, etc.).

Caps/hats are not to be worn in school or in class.

Grooming should reflect neat and clean conventional hairstyles. Extreme hairstyles including, but not limited to, shaved or excessively spiked hair and Mohawks, are not permitted. Highlighting is acceptable only if it is consistent with the student’s natural hair color. 


Dresses/Skirts may be worn with hemlines not higher than the bend of the back of the knee and not form-fitting. Slits must not go above the knee.

Must wear a top that is distinguished from a T-shirt by embroidery, color, collars, buttons, pockets, etc., and it can include appropriate label printing. T-shirts, including athletic work out types, are not allowed. Sweatshirts or hoodies are not acceptable tops and are not to be worn for regular school dress. All tops are to be modest – e.g. loose fitting with no cleavage revealed and no bare midriff. Garments are to be opaque (i.e. cannot see through). Tank tops are not appropriate.

Jewelry/makeup when worn should be in moderation.

Females, not males, may wear earrings or makeup in moderation.

​Extreme or excessive piercings are not acceptable.

Hair should not cover the eyes.


Tops (boys) Must wear a collared shirt. Golf shirts, oxfords, crew neck sweaters, turtlenecks, Henley, polo/rugby/athletic collared shirts, and placket collars (button-up opening) are acceptable. Shirts must be worn at all times, including gym class, after school, and during athletic practices. Sweatshirts or hoodies are not acceptable tops and are not to be worn for regular school dress.
Make-up or jewelry(piercings) are not permitted for men.

Must be clean-shaven.

Sideburns/hair must not be lower than the bottom of the ear.

No ponytails or buns.

Hair length should not be longer than the top of a normal collared shirt collar, and hair should be off the eyebrows. 

The school’s administration does expect that the parents/guardians will assist in properly outfitting the student for school in accordance with the stated dress code.
For the student that comes to school out of dress code, a dress code violation form will be completed, submitted to the administrator, and sent home to the parents via the student.  The form must be returned with a parent signature to ensure the parent is aware of the infraction.
Three violations within one 10-week marking period will result in assigned detention.
Four violations in a semester may result in the student being assigned a suspension.
Blatant and/or immodest dress code violations will be cause for the student to be denied entrance to class.
​The administrator is the interpreter of the dress code for the school's Board of Education.

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